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Dear Patients,

We hope you’re all staying safe and well.

Due to the ongoing covid-19 virus, we will be sending out a newsletter every 2 weeks to keep you all updated with our situation and on any progress towards opening up to provide routine dental care. This will highlight all the processes and adaptations we have made to ensure you can return to a safe environment, and allow us to continue providing dental care for you.

Currently there are very strict measures in place to limit patients going to the dentist and to maintain social distancing and therefore we are only available by phone. As a result, the NHS have put together a very robust triage process.

This involves:

1 – If you are in pain – call our dental practice on 01621 851003.

2 – You will be assessed by a clinical dental nurse and asked some straightforward questions about the problems you are having.

3 – If deemed necessary, your details will be passed on to a dentist to call you back.

4 – The dentist will assess you with a simple 3A’s strategy – advice, analgesics (painkiller’s) and antibiotics if possible. Please note: we will only prescribe antibiotic where necessary.

5 – If the 3A’s approach has not worked, or you require to be seen by a dentist, we will send a referral for you to be seen.

Currently patients are being seen as quick as 24 hours from the time the referral is sent. This will depend on appointment availability and what procedure is required.

We do not know when we will open again for routine dentistry, but we are monitoring government advice closely and acting accordingly.

– We are available to give advice at any time – you can call and ask to speak to one of our dentists

– We are working hard to put safe and effective measures in place to allow us to get back to providing routine dentistry and care for you

– We will be sending out a newsletter every 2 weeks to keep you all updated with our situation and on any progress towards opening up to provide routine dental care.

Keep a look out for the next newsletter for more information and updates. We will soon be issuing a re-opening plan.

Phone: 01621851003

Email: hdp@heybridgedental.co.uk

Website: www.heybridgedental.co.uk


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COVID-19 Guidance

    Updated 26th March 2020     Thank you for your ongoing understanding as we continue through these unprecedented times. Our first is the health and safety of our patients and staff. We can assure you that we are closely monitoring government guidance. If you have any symptoms or concerns, please consult the latest NHS guidance https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/ or use the online 111 services. Our practice is now on Covid-19 Dental Alert - as a result we will be operating a restricted Emergency Service only.     What if I have an appointment coming up?   Unfortunately, we are having to delay all routine and non-urgent treatments. If our reception team have not already contacted you to inform you of this and re-arrange your appointment, we would strongly advise calling us on 01621 851003 to re-arrange you appointment.     What if I need emergency dental treatment?   Please call us on 01621 851003. One of our team members will assist you as necessary. As per government advice, we will be doing all we can help you remotely and prevent you needing to leave your homes. Where this is not possible, one of our dentists will provide the appropriate advice.     If you are experiencing any symptoms of a coronavirus (high temperature or persistent cough), living with a family member who has these symptoms, are over the age of 70, or fall into the category of the more vulnerable or at-risk group, please do NOT leave you house and use the online 111 services for further guidance. The NHS team will triage and assess your options for a referral to a designated practice, which is accepting any Coronavirus urgent dental care cases.     Please refer to the link below for the latest government advice.   https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response     Thank you for your understanding. If you require any further information or are unsure about whether you should attend the practice, please call us on:     01621 851003