Preparing Your Child For A Visit To The Dentist

Visiting the family dentist should be a scheduled activity. Regular visits are crucial for the long-term health of teeth and gums. Expensive and serious complications can be prevented if early symptoms are discovered. While we realise the necessity of maintaining our dental health, we often dread these appointments. For children, this can be an especially […]

Fun Children’s Oral Health Facts And Tips For Parents

The human body is incredibly fascinating and that includes our teeth. Fortunately, it’s extremely easy and affordable now to access to quality dental care and hygiene methods in most parts of the world which has led to healthier children and this affects their oral development as well. To help keep your kids interested in their […]

Dental Issues During COVID-19

Dental services are tackling unprecedented situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several countries are still experiencing rapid spikes of new COVID-19 cases and it appears that the pandemic is far from over. Dental care provisions are being suspended dramatically in recent months and many are reduced only to dealing with emergency cases. Both dental service […]

What To Do If Your Child Chips, Cracks, Or Knocks Out A Tooth

From chipped or cracked teeth, to a lost tooth, children playing can lead to a wide range of dental issues. A chipped tooth isn’t a serious dental problem if your child is not experiencing any pain. But cracks could cause serious pain later when bacteria comes into contact with the soft tissue inside. Teeth may […]