Dental Issues During COVID-19

Dental Issues During COVID-19

Dental services are tackling unprecedented situations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several countries are still experiencing rapid spikes of new COVID-19 cases and it appears that the pandemic is far from over. Dental care provisions are being suspended dramatically in recent months and many are reduced only to dealing with emergency cases. Both dental service providers and the public should anticipate the deterioration of dental conditions due to lack of regular care, interrupted medication regimes, and rescheduled surgeries.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some common dental issues that could arise during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Poor Oral Hygiene- due to lack of consultation, many people may ignore the importance of proper oral hygiene. Parents should make sure that children properly brush their teeth. Family members should never share their toothbrush, especially if some members of the household have higher risks of getting COVID-19. All family members should brush their teeth after regular meals.

Toothache- toothaches are a common dental issue, especially if your teeth are sensitive to high or low temperatures. Gradual decay of untreated teeth may also cause pain and antibiotics won’t help. If dental services are unavailable during the pandemic, it is essential to stop sugar intake to stop the progression of the decay. If your teeth are sensitive to extreme temperatures, switch to a special toothpaste, which may reduce pain. It is also a good idea to use anaesthetic gel to numb the pain.

Bleeding Gums- improper brushing technique may cause bleeding gums. Choose a smaller toothbrush with soft bristles and be sure to brush carefully. If gums look infected with reddish appearance and are very painful, it’s important to use mouthwashes like peroxyl or chlorhexidine that will eradicate excessive presence of microorganism inside the mouth.

Lost Crown- it’s important to remove any remaining debris after losing a crown. Re-fix the crown with a dental cement product like Recapit. Dry the crown and the top of the tooth. Follow the package instructions to mix the cement and reattach the crown. Bite firmly for a couple of minutes after you are sure that crown is attached properly. Use floss and toothpick to remove excess dental cement.

Orthodontic Problems- if you are wearing dental braces, you may experience pain. It is important to follow essential oral hygiene procedures to limit the severity of the problem. Brush three times each day after regular meals followed by a fluoride mouth rinse. However, if the brace has been torn apart and you swallowed a piece of it, an immediate medical assistance is required.

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