Our dental implants are tiny titanium cylinders that replace missing teeth. The implant is inserted into your jawbone and, once it has successfully integrated with the surrounding bone and tissues, a secure crown or replacement tooth is placed over the implant. The entire implant system looks and feels like a natural tooth. Why not contact us today to see how we can help.


Benefits of Dental Implants
Dental implants have a host of benefits that make them one of our most popular restorative treatments:
  • They are securely anchored and do not slip or shift like dentures can.
  • By filling a gap left by a lost tooth, they prevent the surrounding bone from shrinking, or teeth from drifting.
  • Unlike some treatments like bridges, dental implants do not need the surrounding healthy teeth to be altered before placement and therefore do not rely on neighboring teeth for their success.
  • You will be able to eat without pain or discomfort

How long do implants last?
With regular dental examinations and good standards of oral hygiene, your dental implant can last up to 30-40 years.

Is the process painful?
No. You will require local anaesthetic during the placement of your implant. Whilst you may require some painkillers for a couple of days after the placement of the implants, the process will be completely pain-free.

How much do implants cost?
At present, Heybridge Dental Practice will refer you to a local specialist practice for dental implants. As the practice grows, we will be looking to introduce an implant surgeon into the practice.

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COVID-19 Guidance

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